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Topic Sentence

Underground Fashion companies are contributing to help local economies rise.

With today’s financial hardship underground fashion has been creating jobs and changing the course of manufacturing within both the United States and Canada. More and more you are starting to see MADE IN America, the tides are changing and jobs are coming back from overseas. People have been influenced to help their local economies and underground fashion has had an impact on the change. This is something that no one really sees as a direct link to fixing the problem with today’s economy. The economy effects everyone whether they are aware of it or not, it is important to give credit to those making a difference in helping local economy. Some might say that most of their clothing comes from China, which is certainly true, but maybe they haven’t looked in the right places. People might say that the clothing not made in China is to expensive. I just have to say that you are paying for what you get, quality will cost more and the labor your paying for is going into the pockets of locals which helps the local economy. I plan on explaining the fashion companies that are established in Montreal and the effect they have on local jobs. This article will inform people to invest in local fashion. This article is closely related to commerce because fashion goes hand and hand with business. Fashion also has a strong relationship to culture, which needs to be exposed.

The Articles

1. Duckert explains in this article that fashion has died. Fashion shows has gone from rich to poor, serving beer rather then cocktails or champagne as Duckert puts it “it’s hip to play poor, nothing original about that (just disappointing).” It has changed like that and Duckert noticed that all the spectators of fashion shows have changed by being online rather then in the seats. Everyone at the fashion show was watching the show through digital screen. “The physical bodies of my fellow spectators had become mere instruments” (Duckert). The human body has gone digital, people have been attending fashion shows and viewing them through the screen of a digital camera, which has killed fashion. I don’t think that this source is accurate, I think that fashion is not dead because of the digital age. I disagree with Duckert, because fashion shows can be quite large and many people buy tickets to go see these fashion shows and events. I think that it will help provide that underground fashion is not thinking, “it’s hip to play poor” its not like that at all.

2. This article focuses on the manufacturing jobs increasing in America. With the financial crisis in the United States, jobs have been coming back from over seas. “ Companies are realizing that the economics of manufacturing are swinging in favor of the US, for goods to be sold both at home and to major export markets,” said Harold Sirkin, a BCG senior partner. “This trend is likely to accelerate starting around 2015.” I agree with Dupont because he provides statement of the two candidates’ for the President of the United States, explaining how fashion/clothing will help provide manufacturing jobs. Bringing jobs back from China is key to help the growth of the economy. Dupont uses the example of Toyota creating jobs in the United States as well as General Electric efforts to create jobs at home. It will help provide a good argument on how cloths manufacturing jobs will help the growth of local economies.

3. This is an article on Marie Saint Pierre and she his “marking her 25 years in the fickle and fast-paced fashion business, is the leader of the Quebec fashion scene” (Friede). Fashion week in Montreal needed a new venue for the catwalk. The former Marine Works Shipyard hosted the spring 2013 collections of the critical mass of designers. It includes veteran designers as well as the up and comings fashion designers who will be showing their collections. It also goes into how “ China changed the whole fashion industry, in its core, in its soul. Everything become accessible at every price, and was copied extremely rapidly,” Saint Pierre said. I agree with the author because she goes into how fashion in Montreal has a major impact on the culture here. Showing examples of designers who work hard and helped other designers is important to how the fashion culture works. Other inspires others to work hard and express their art through fashion.

4. This article is about men’s clothing dividing into two sectors. With the industrial advancement in the early 1920’s the way fashion was being produced in America changed from being made at home by mothers and daughters to the factories. The first sector was made by a handful of large firms that created better-quality garments with sophisticated technology and organization. The other secondary sector was making lower-priced and lower-quality garments. Dr. Fraser examines how and why these two sectors emerged after the Civil War and post World War I era. He the creates a thesis regarding “ the relationship between industrial organization and the structure of the market.” This article can help me in determining the effect of how high quality garments on helping move forward the economy rather then mass production of low quality garments which would create the opposite effect on the economy.

5. This is a video of a local fashion designer in Montreal, Brandon Svarc and his journey to where he is today. He is the co-founder of Naked and Famous denim that is made of high quality Japanese denim and manufactured in Montreal. He explains how he saw the economy not doing well and wanted to challenge it by helping his local economy with handmade denim the old fashion way. I can see that this video shows how hard Svarc has worked and helping others out. He his creative and you can see that in all his different pairs of denim jeans he makes. I agree with the director, that more companies need to be created in Canada to help with local economies by creating jobs at home rather then over seas. Svarc has been successful and he won’t be moving his business anywhere else. This is just an example of what fashion can do to make a difference in peoples lives and it shows. I think it’s important for people to aware of that.

Bibliographical Information

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3 thoughts on “Proposal

  1. You are getting very close to your topic. As I marked on your sheet, you should focus more on the local underground fashion industry. I even think a profile of Naked and Famous, as a symbol or metaphor for the underground fashion industry, both here and abroad, could be very interesting.

    What you need to: modify your topic to make it more specific, and more local. It’s very close.

  2. Your topic is better. It is more specific. Just one thing: it’s not a full sentence. There’s no verb, or the verb you have isn’t conjugated properly.

    In terms of grammar, you still have some errors. I advise you to come and see me so we can take a look at these together.


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