My name is Dominique Nguyen-Cote and my life story is still being written. I am a Canadian citizen that grew up in a small town in upstate New York. The number of people that work and attend Dawson is larger then the population of my hometown. You can imagine how small this town is. It is much different then the city-life style of Montreal or any major city in fact. I have been living in Montreal for the last two years and I am a new face to this city. I am enjoying the new life style of Montreal, who wouldn’t enjoy this city? I am studying commerce here at Dawson College. What is Commerce? Commerce is a program that focuses on the relationship between business and people. It is a good way to proceed on to my goals after graduation. What is my goal after school? I want to start up my own clothing company that is based out of Montreal. Montreal is great city to be inspired to create a well-established clothing company. A great example of a successful clothing brand based out of Montreal is Naked & Famous Denim. It has had a major effect in the fashion world. My interests are in the arts, sports, fashion, and comedy, all expressions of creativity. I am fascinated of the world that I live in and I want to be able to explore as much as I can. This is a big world that has many creative people, which is something special.


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